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royal decree

NO. 04/2017

Implementation of Crown Corporation Sole Entire Philippine Archipelago



I, ROYAL HIGHNESS KING DATU KULUBAN CONSTANCIO A. SALVO, JR., the Successor of Maharlikan blood from generation to generations and was duly recognized as SOVEREIGN CROWN, SOLE and ABSOLUTE RULER of all Tribal Kings of 110 tribe’s indigenous peoples in the Royal domain of Philippine Archipelago,

As definition to the Crown is a non-statutory corporation sole and succession is thus integral to the Crown as a corporation sole because the Crown can never be vacant, and cannot be disembodied from a natural person, which means the Crown depends on the line of succession. Perpetuity and seamless succession were the underlying motives behind the gradual establishment of the Sovereign as a corporation sole,

Corporation Sole consist of one person only and his successors, in some particular station, who are incorporated by law, in order to give them some legal capacities and advantages, particularly that of perpetuity, which in their natural persons they could not have had. In this sense, the King is a Sole Corporation,

Consequently the King is made a corporation to preserve the possessions of the crown entire; for immediately upon the demise of one King, his successor is in full possession of the regal rights and dignity.  


Virtue of Natural Law, I adopted and vested pursuant to United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples hereby enact a Royal Decree as follows:  


Rule 1 Must follow Culture and Tradition within such Territories or Kingdom and must have permission and consent from the Highness King of all Tribal Kings in that Territory.


Rule 2 The occupancy of the said area and land must have the Tribal King's permission in that Territory. 


Rule 3 All investors and republic agencies within the Territory or Kingdom need to have the Tribal King's authorization, FPIC, and control over such Territories.


Rule 4 All foreigners who wish to enter the Territory or Kingdom, must submit to and comply with the culture and tradition based in Natural Law and Customary Rights within the such Territory or Kingdom.


Rule 5 All the Natural Wealth, which God made, will rule the Tribal King within the Territory or Kingdom.


Rule 6 It is necessary that the land, the air, and the water, the forest and the ocean have control over the Tribal King within the Territory or Kingdom.


Rule 7 It’s necessary that all the animals, birds, and fish, there is vigilance, care and protection of the King in the said Territory or Kingdom.


Rule 8 Necessary that all people and their belief there is obedience, conformity and respect for Tribes within Territory or Kingdom.


Rule 9 Need all the oceans, land, air, forests and waters, with power as protecting and caring for nature, is none other than the Tribal King of the Territory or Kingdom, and no permission from anyone to destroy it.


Rule 10 All Natural Laws are required, including the Law on mankind to be governed by the Highness Tribal King within the Territory or Kingdom and have control of the execution of this Royal Decree.


Done in Philippines, on 25 September 2017. 







National Chieftain/ President of the Indigenous Peoples

National Tribal Elders of Datus in the Philippines Territory

Recognized Highness King of all Tribal Kings in the Philippine Territory/ Archipelago

Head King of Queens Kingdom in the Philippine Territory


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