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royal decree

NO. 03-2/March 18, 2018


I, HIS MAJESTY CONSTANCIO A. SALVO, JR./DATU KULUBAN, by the Grace of Almighty God Royal Highness King of the Philippine Archipelago (Maharlika Islands), Supreme Chieftain of all Tribal Datus, Tribal Babaylanon King from Generation to Generations, 5 Star General of H-GOI/ Chief of Staff/ H-WORLD UN-PI, and the Head King of Queens Kingdom 



- In continuation of hereditary rules since time immemorial, the implementation of Customary Law of the tribal indigenous people; 





Section 1-

This Royal Decree regulates the policies for Mandatulan Tribal Indigenous People Customary Law (Mandatulan) that commenced since in the creation of Earth, as implemented rule from Magbabaya/Almighty God which complied in the present and continued by the Tribal Kings of Maharlika Tribal Kingdom New Civil Society of Crown Corporation Sole.


Section 2-

The “Mandatulan” in this Royal Decree, means an ancient rule which represents the law of Pamahandi, and an edict for human inhabitation here on Earth, by giving a one peso coin per month of the year.  


Section 3- 

The regulations for Mandatulan policies are hereby stated the following;


a.) The one peso coin of the Mandatulan Tribal Indigenous People Customary Law shall be collected and subscribed per month;


b.) There are two categories for Mandatulan records, (1) the Administrative Record, and (2) the Territorial Record; 


c.) The Administrative Record shall be collected by the Royal Family Tribal Majesty representative for the Mandatulan, and such record consist of Royal Council, Babaylanon Tribal Kings, and other Administrative representatives;


d.) The Territorial Record shall be collected and handled by the appointed Territorial Tribal Treasurer, assisted by the Territorial Tribal King and Territorial Tribal Baylan of per city and municipality. Such record must consist of all tribal members in territorial jurisdiction;  


e.) The name of His Majesty Royal Highness King Constancio A. Salvo, Jr. / Datu Kuluban shall be placed in every title of the records;


f.)  The Administrative Record and Territorial Record must compose by number, date, coin, name & a.k.a, designation, complete residential address, contact number, and signature in columns;


g.) The accounts for the Mandatulan shall be in two segments, first, the Administrative Account must be reported per month in present, and the second, is the Territorial Account that requisite to be reported quarterly by the Territorial Tribal King or a designated representative from the territory, city or municipality. Otherwise, the HMRHK will appoint an Administrative representative from the Royal Council to collect the aforesaid Territorial Account;


h.)  The submission of accounts must be submitted to the Royal Highness King of the Tribal Kingdom, in the Royal Palace, Subangan, Dalirig, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon;


i.)  Before the submission of the accounts stated in sub-section (g) of Section 3, in this Royal Decree, the          Territorial Tribal Baylan will conduct a ritual ceremony of the Mandatulan coins, and must attest in the Territorial Record, prepared by the Territorial Tribal Treasurer and noted by the Territorial Tribal King;


 j.)  The receiver of all Mandatulan coins and accounts to the Royal Palace, shall be a Tribal Majesty from the Royal Family appointed by the HMRHK. She must keep all the records and assets of the Mandatulan, and will give a monthly report to the HMQ Chief Financial Officer of the Tribal Kingdom.


Section 4-

There shall be a special record intended for the Mandatulan in the Tribal Barangay Subangan-a special tribal community in the main territory of the HMRHK, located at Dalirig, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Such record must be separated from the documents stated in sub-section (b) of Section 3, of this Royal Decree. The Mandatulan coins of the tribal members inside the aforesaid territory shall be collected and prepared by the appointed Tribal Barangay Treasurer, noted by the Tribal Barangay Headman, and attested by the Tribal Barangay Baylan.


Section 5-        

The profits and assets of the Mandatulan will be used to the yearly traditional celebration of the Royal Family, called the “Mulenium Party” which will be held on April 7 per year, at the Royal Palace, Subangan, Dalirig, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.


Section 6-

Any individual from the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom New Civil Society of Crown Corporation Sole that commits violation of any of the provisions of this Royal Decree, such as, but not limited to, corruption and unlawful means, shall be punished in accordance with the customary law of the Tribal Kingdom.       


Section 7-

All provisions of existing laws, decrees, and regulations contrary to or inconsistent with this Royal Decree are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.


Section 8-

The provisions of this Royal Decree are declared to be separable and if any provisions or the application thereof is held invalid or unchartered, the validity of the other provisions shall not be affected.


Section 9-

This Royal Decree shall take effect immediately.  


                                                                                            The Royal Palace, Bukidnon, 18 March 2018.



                                                                                 By Authority Under the H.M.R.H.K’s Sign Manual and Seal




                                                                                                       His Majesty Royal Highness King

                                                                                         CONSTANCIO A. SALVO, JR./ DATU KULUBAN



 Countersigned by the Administering Body of the Tribal Kingdom

                Executive Tribal Kings Staff of Royal Council













                                                                                        The Drafter and the copy is valued for publication 

                                                                                                  Royal Palace, Bukidnon, 18 March 2018

                                                                                           HMQ General Secretary of the Tribal Kingdom





                                                                                         HMQ ANGEL A. ESPALTERO/ BAI MAGSUSULAT  


The Common Seal of the Tribal Kingdom:


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