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May 01, 2022-The inaugural Territorial Crowning & Enthronement Ceremony of the Tribal Kings and the Solemn Declaration of Tribal Queens in the Island of Luzon. It was occurred at Mahalina Street, USPS, Brgy. San Antonio, San Pedro City, Laguna, led by Royal Palace delegates and members of the Royal Council assigned in Luzon Island operation. The said event was also organized with the help and support of the Territorial Tribal King of San Pedro City, King Romeo Langam/ Datu Bahandi and his son Territorial Tribal King Moises Daniel Langam/ Datu Timbungan of Muntinlupa City, and Supervisory Tribal King Staff Cyriel G. Nambatac/Datu Mambangon.

Further, by His Majesty's Grace, there's a total of three newly crowned Tribal Kings from Quezon City, and Taguig City, and two newly proclaimed Tribal Queens during the ceremony.

Here are their names:

Newly Crowned Tribal Kings; 
1. Territorial Tribal King Alberto Pagente Jr. / Datu Ahab 
    -Quezon City, Metro Manila; 
2. Territorial Tribal King Carlos Amores/ Datu Malig-On 
    -Taguig City, Metro Manila; 
3. Auxiliary Tribal King-A Felix Anggaco/ Datu Salaknib  
    -Taguig City, Metro Manila. 

Newly Proclaimed Tribal Queens: 
1. Territorial Tribal Queen Meriam Langam/ Bai Diwa 
    -San Pedro City, Laguna; 
2. Territorial Tribal Queen Mylene Langam/ Bai Amaya 
    -Muntinlupa City.

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