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Updated: May 18, 2019

The Queens Kingdom led by the Seven External Tribal Majesty Queens (Queens Consort of H.M.R.H.K), filed a Petition to grant Writ of Habeas Corpus for the Liberty of His Majesty Royal Highness King Constancio A. Salvo, Jr./ Datu Kuluban that was unlawfully detained at BJMP, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Such petition was filed at Court of Appeals, Cagayan de Oro Station on 24 April 2019 at exact 12:36 in the afternoon.

The detention of His Majesty was against the law of the indigenous people. Based on Republic Act 8371, Section 65, "That when disputes involve ICCs/IPs customary laws and practices SHALL BE used to resolve the dispute." Whereas, such rights were disregarded and bypassed by the civil authorities who were involved to the unlawfully detention of His Majesty.

Moreover, in Republic Act 8371, Section 70, "No inferior court of the Philippines SHALL HAVE jurisdiction to issue any restraining order or WRIT OF PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION against the any of its duly authorized in any case, dispute or controversy arising from ICCs/IPs." And the H.M.R.H.K had a Royal Prerogative or SOVEREIGN RIGHTS to be exempt from penalties or law enacted by the statute.

According to LEGAL MAXIMS (the statement of a philosophy or a guiding principle) by Herbert Broom, ESQ., of the Inner Temple, Barrister- At-Law, “that the King can do no wrong or Rex Non Potest Peccare”, further stated that the Sovereign, individually and personally, and in His natural capacity, is independent of and is not amenable to any other earthly power and jurisdiction, thus on the same principle, no suit or action can be brought against the Sovereign, even in civil matters; and as to any cause of complaint which a subject may happen to have against the sovereign in respect of some personal injury of a private nature.

Our His Majesty Royal Highness King Constancio A. Salvo, Jr./ Datu Kuluban is the lawfully Heir of the aristocratic Royalty from ancient native Royal blood in the Philippines and was recognized Royal Highness King by the President of the Republic of the Philippines through Presidential Media Award led by Philmedia President Ely A. Barcelona, KBP Chairman Rey Langit, and MPG President Rolando M. Flores on 26 August 2017 at Maria Cristina Hotel, on the Presidential Visit.

Therefore, the Queens Kingdom of Maharlika are in full determination to fight for the rights of His Majesty and they were seeking justice for its liberty throughout Head Officers of the government agencies of the Republic in the Philippines and as well as the Head Leaders all over the world.

Now, please help us to disseminate this information for the awareness of the public and to support our petition for the sake of the indigenous society here in the Philippines that had been discriminated.

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