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The subject of this law is to promote the principle of equality and underlines the protection of the rights, interest and integrity of the indigenous peoples of the Tribal Kingdom against discrimination. On March 18, 2018, His Majesty Royal Highness King Constancio A. Salvo, Jr./Datu Kuluban signed and authorized the Royal Decree No. 03-3 entitled the "Non-Discrimination Law" (RD 03-3/ 2018 | Maharlika Tribal Kingdom | Philippines), and entered into force by this year 2022, which defines the fundamental principles of the enforcement of such non-discrimination law including: Tribal Sovereignty, Crown, the Right to Equality, Equal Treatment, and Positive Action. It also has the definitions of the discrimination and terms used in such Royal Decree and the coverage, right-holders, rights, obligations of the duty-bearers and the fulfilment, and education of the aforementioned law.

The Tribal Kingdom is now taking comprehensive measures to prevent the continuing rise of discrimination in every territory covered by the Tribal Kingdom, most discrimination comes from the state authorities and entities. These measures include the promulgation of the right to equality and non-discrimination law.

Further, such law demonstrates the independent right and sovereignty of a Crown which must be respected and valued by the State authorities in accordance with the just protection of the law and respect to each sovereignty rights.

The publication of this non-discrimination law has already been performed through by the general information letters sent to various international departments, national agencies and offices, such as Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), ILO Director-General, Office of the Higher Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR), UNICEF Board Secretariat, Equal Rights Trust Chair, UN Secretary-General, UNIC Director, INTERPOL, UN Office of Legal Affairs, ICJ. Moreover, the national agencies and offices that already received the information, were DILG, DND, PNP, AFP, Senate of the Philippines, House of Representatives, NCIP, DENR, DBM, BSP, DSWD, DEPED, LTO, BUCOR, Office of the President, Commission on Human Rights, and OHCHR Philippines, and such publication will be sent to different regional offices of the state agencies.

Thus, by the publication of this non-discrimination law of the Tribal Kingdom clarifies each other's distinct rights and strengthen each individual held privilege and equality on dignity and rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Images during the dispatched of the Publication of Non-Discrimination Law to the State agencies, transmitted by Supervisory Tribal King Staff Datu Tulungan, Liaison Tribal King Staff Datu Lhumay and HMQ Bai Mantuturo. Some offices didn't allow the photo documentation inside.

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