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On October 22, 2022, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing ceremony between Maharlika Tribal Kingdom New Civil Society of Crown Corporation Sole, and SAM Project Development Enterprises Corporation successfully occurred at Tribal Barangay Subangan, Dalirig, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. The said event was part of the FPIC conduct of the Tribal Kingdom provided in Section 23 of the Royal Decree No. 03-4/2018 (RD 03-4/ 2018 | Maharlika Tribal Kingdom | Philippines). Such was witnessed by the members of the Royal Council together with their Tribal Queen consorts.

SAMPD Enterprises Corporation, represented by Mr. Rommel Santos, the CEO-President, offered its program called SAMBIDA project to the indigenous community of the Tribal Kingdom, and the said corporation adequately complied with the requirements and other processes of the FPIC. Accordingly, His Majesty Royal Highness King Constancio A. Salvo, Jr./Datu Kuluban, has given His consent to the said project by issuing the Certificate of Authorization with a certification mark during the abovementioned event.

SAMPD Enterprises Corporation also gave a Certificate of Acknowledgement to His Majesty Royal Highness King Datu Kuluban in recognition of His leadership for promoting and protecting the rights of the indigenous people and uplifting their life for development.

The primary objective of the SAMBIDA project is to contribute a systemic solution to the existing economic challenges through a community-building program that will provide good benefits, privileges, and featured services to indigenous members that significantly provide solutions with sustainable livelihood programs. Its program has three categories with specific uses, and its mission is to alleviate the poverty of the marginalized sector, providing self-empowerment.

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