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The Maharlika Tribal Kingdom New Civil Society of Crown Corporation Sole proudly presents the inherited things of His Majesty Royal Highness King Datu Kuluban from his ancestors. The compilation of such things displaying each unique symbolic definitions.

In tribal kingship history, the selection for the next heir of the throne among the eligible members of the noble family will be chosen through a thing or what they called the "Key of Authority".

On August 23, 2018, the Maharlikan Family were united and performed a " Tampuda tah Balagun" as proof of Natural Law enforcement led by His Majesty Royal Highness King Datu Kuluban and Lolo Jose Francisco Emmanuel Edralin Moncado

(Pls. go to this link for more additional information ➡️

These sacred things now prove the legitimate heir of the Royal Family, as serves the historical facts of the Philippines.

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