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CHAPTER VI: Coat of Arms

Clause 151.     The coat of arms of the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom shall have emblems of three stars, a sun, an eagle, Laurel, and a horse. The definition of the coat of arms given in Royal Charter, Clause 68(e).  


Clause 152.    The three stars of the coat of arms of the Maharlika, signifies the powers and authorities of GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit, and the reign of H.M.R.H.K as Highness King of all Kings of the Tribal Kingdom, and such emblem shall also the sign which had been long awaited by the Lumads.


Clause 153.       The portray of the sun given in By-law, Clause 147. 


Clause 154.     The eagle bird as to everybody known, the toughest, most prominent, strongest and frightened by among of its kind and it symbolizes the principles and determinations of the Lumads since time immemorial and up to this present of the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom.        


Clause 155.    The laurel signifies the sanctity or holiness, and it symbolizes the significant or worthiness of a particular person or honor to the Crown.


Clause 156.    The horse signifies as the mount of Kings in ancient times during conflicts, wars or struggles or even in their journey inside the Kingdom, on such reason its uses as one of the emblems of the coat of arms of the Maharlika.

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