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CHAPTER V: Maharlika Flag and Anthem

Part 1: Maharlika Flag


Clause 144.  The flag of the Maharlika shall be sky blue, with a dove, a sun, seven colors of the rainbow, and coat of arms of the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom as sacred and respected by the indigenous people and recognized by the Royal Prerogative.


Clause 145.   The sky blue color of the Maharlika flag symbolizes the heavens which mean “peace” instead of a hurricane. It represents a peaceful Kingdom and stands for the “Crowned King” of the Philippines which followed since time immemorial when the world created.


Clause 146.  Dove is the image or symbol of information of the Holy Spirit or the “GOD OMNIPOTENCE” in the commandment, to pursue or continue the Tribal Kingdom since time immemorial from the first generation up to this generation.


Clause 147.    The sun symbolizes the light of the H.M.R.H.K, as the radiance of His dominion or regime of the Tribal kingdom.   


Clause 148.    The rainbow sign which brought seven (7) colors signify its meaning that the rain is coming and it also implies that it will soon be stopped, this also means the coming or the arrival of the new Tribal Kingdom, that was established and sustained it continuously since the time the world created and the H.M.R.H.K succeeded it up to this generation. This design situated in the middle of Maharlika’s flag.     


Clause 149.      Portray of the coat of arms of Maharlika given in By-law, Clause. 


Part 2: Maharlika Anthem

Clause 150.       The Maharlika anthem of the Tribal Kingdom shall be the following:


                                                                                         “Bagong Kaharian”     


May bagong silang

May bago nang buhay

Bagong bansa, bagong galaw

Sa Bagong Kahari-an


Magbabago ang lahat

Tungo sa pag-unlad

At ating itanghal

Bagong Kaharian


(Repeat 2x)




Magbabago ang lahat

Tungo sa pag-unlad 

At ating itanghal

Bagong Kahari-an

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