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CHAPTER IV: Management, Financial and Legal

Part 1: Royal Prerogative

Clause 124.     The Royal Prerogative is responsible to the Queens Kingdom and Royal Council for the management of the Tribal Kingdom. 

Clause 125.     The Royal Prerogative must attend all meetings of the Royalty, Queens Kingdom, and Royal Council unless excused or requested not to by the Royal Council.



Part 2: HMQ General Secretary


Clause 126.     The primary duties and functions of the HMQ General Secretary given in By-law, Clauses 42, 43, and 44.


Clause 127.     The HMQ General Secretary fulfills a role central to the effective functioning and governance of the Tribal Kingdom. She must act as the gateway between the H.M.R.H.K. and Royal Council as responsible for the management of the Tribal Kingdom.

Clause 128.     All Royal Council should have access to the advice of the HMQ General Secretary, who is responsible to the Royal Council, and as the directive receiver of Royal command from the H.M.R.H.K, for ensuring that Divine Rights procedures followed and applicable rules and regulations complied.

Clause 129.     The HMQ General Secretary reports to the Executive Tribal Kings Staff of the Royal Council on matters relating to the Council and the H.M.R.H.K in issues about the Tribal Kingdom.



Part 3: HMQ Chief Financial Officer


Clause 130.    The HMQ Chief Financial Officer shall keep the money, funds, and securities of the Tribal Kingdom, and pay and dispose of the same, in pursuance of the orders of the H.M.R.H.K, on the written authorization of the Auditor-General; and render an account thereof annually, at the meeting of the Royal Council, next preceding the Annual General Assembly Meeting of the Tribal Kingdom.


Part 4: HMQ Auditor-General


Clause 131.    The HMQ Auditor-General oversees the administration, financial reporting, and investment activities of the Tribal Kingdom’s pension plan. She should have accounting or related financial expertise.


Clause 132.    The HMQ Auditor-General to audit all accounts against the Tribal Kingdom; to execute the orders of the H.M.R.H.K, in relation to the funds of the Tribal Kingdom, and the payment and disposition thereof; to give written authorization on the HMQ Chief Financial Officer for all moneys appropriated by the H.M.R.H.K; and to perform such other specific duties as shall be assigned to Her by the H.M.R.H.K.  



Part 5: Accounts


Clause 133.   The Royal Council must ensure that the Tribal Kingdom keeps written financial records that correctly record and explain its transaction, and financial position and performance; and will enable true and fair financial statements to be prepared and audited.



Part 6: Financial Statements


Clause 134.    The Royal Council must ensure that the Tribal Kingdom prepares monthly financial statements of its income and expenditure, and regular financial reports of its assets and liabilities. 



Part 7: Minutes


Clause 135.     The HMQ General Secretary must ensure that minutes are taken and kept of all:


(a)    Royalty meetings;

(b)    Annual general assembly meetings;

(c)    Queens Kingdom meetings;

(d)    Royal Council meetings; and 

(e)     Monarchical meetings.



Part 8: Records


Clause 136.    The HMQ General Secretary must by regulation provide for the safekeeping of the records of the Tribal Kingdom, and determine whether members are entitled to inspect some or all of the records of the Institute (including the register of members); and if so, on what conditions.     


Part 9: Notices


Clause 137.    Members must give the Tribal Kingdom their address for notices, and any change in that address.


Clause 138.    The address for notices may include an email address or other electronic address by the regulations.


Clause 139.   The Tribal Kingdom must enter any change in the address of a member in the register of members.


Clause 140.   Notice may be given to a member by sending it to the address last provided by the member.


Clause 141.      Notices sent electronically are taken to have been given on the first day after posting that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at that address.


Clause 142.      Notices may be given to members in any publication of the Tribal Kingdom. 


Clause 143.      In this by-law, “member” includes a Tribal Kings, Tribal Majesties, and Tribal Queens.

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