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CHAPTER II: Discipline 

Clause 16.  The provision of Chapter II of the By-laws shall apply to members of the Tribal Kingdom. 


Clause 17.   A member shall be liable to disciplinary proceedings by the Tribal Kingdom if alleged to have;


(a)    Been found guilty in a Tribal court of law of an offense involving fraud or dishonesty or any tribal cases as may prescribe by an act of Royal Decree;


(b)      Failed to observe the Royal Charter, By-laws or regulations of the Tribal Kingdom;


(c)      Engaged in any activity inconsistent with membership of the Tribal Kingdom;


(d)   Acted in a manner detrimental to the welfare or reputation of the Tribal Kingdom or in abuse of authority;


(e)      Been guilty of any act, especially the corruption or default discreditable to the

           the profession of Tribal Kingdom; and


(f)       Insubordination of sovereignty protocols.


Clause 18.   The Royal Council and the officers of Queens Kingdom shall make regulations for the investigation and hearing in the Dadantulan of any complaint against a member, and approval by H.M.R.H.K.  


Clause 19.    The Territorial Tribal Kings per municipalities or cities with the assistance of their Auxiliary Tribal Kings and Territorial Tribal Baylans shall also make regulations for investigation and hearing in the Tribal Lower Court of any complaint against a member that resident to their area of responsibilities, subject to By-law, Clause 107. 


Clause 20.      Regulations referred to in the Clauses 18 and 19 shall have regard where appropriate to principles of human rights, customary, and natural justice system of the indigenous people.    


Clause 21.   A member who is the subject of a complaint shall not be permitted to resign from membership while any stage of disciplinary proceedings is being conducted. 


Clause 22.    The penalty to be imposed of such member who been found guilty will take one week to a one-month suspension of duty, and, if still nothing change to his or her performance, the sanction of expulsion as a member of the Tribal Kingdom will be followed.  


Clause 23.   A member who suspended or expelled shall deliver to the Tribal Kingdom, for cancellation or retention as the case may be, any certificate of tribal membership or certificate referring to such group or the designation “Tribal Kings, Tribal Majesties or Tribal Queens, Privy Tribal Monitoring, Tribal Princes and Princesses, and Tribal Royal Guards” or any  other appointment previously issued and shall cease to use any letters or arrangements relating to the Tribal Kingdom. At the discretion of the Tribal Kingdom, a member who has been suspended may be entitled to the restoration of any rights withdrawn under this By-law at the end of a period of suspension, subject to By-law, Clause 22.

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