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CHAPTER I: Membership

Clause 1.    Members – The members of the Tribal Kingdom are those persons whose names are entered in the register of members.


Clause 2.    Categories – The categories of Membership are:


(a)    Queens Kingdom

(b)    Executive Tribal Kings Staff

(c)    Administrative Tribal Kings Staff

(d)    Liaison Tribal Kings Staff

(e)    Peace Maker Tribal Kings Staff  

(f)     Babaylanon Tribal Kings

(g)    Tribal Princes & Princesses

(h)    Privy Tribal Monitoring

(i)     Territorial Tribal Kings

(j)     Auxiliary Tribal Kings – A & B

(k)    Territorial Tribal Councils – A & B

(l)     Territorial Tribal Baylans

(m)   Territorial Tribal Barangay Councils – A & B

(n)    Territorial Tribal Barangay Baylans

(o)    Tribal Member – A & B

(p)    Tribal Royal Guards 


Clause 3.    The Royal Council may prescribe abbreviations of the categories of membership.


Clause 4.    Qualifications – Any person of full age, being a native, or the son of a native, of any of the Mahrlika realm, and fair character and good standing, may become and be admitted as a Member of the Tribal Kingdom, subject to Chapter I, Clause 5(f). 


Clause 5.    Pronouncement – The pronouncement of members has the following methods:


(a)    Ritual rites to be conducted by Tribal Baylans;


(b)    Every person who wants to become members of the Tribal Kingdom, they should present the requisite to be used for the process of ritual ceremony;


(c)    The Tribal Baylans may prescribe to each person, the requirements to be used for ritual rites;


 (d)    When a member is admitted the name and address of the member, and category of membership, must be entered in the register of members, together with the date on which the entry is made;

(e)    The member becomes a member in that category of membership from the date on which the entry is made;


(f)     The categories of Territorial Tribal Councils – A & B, Territorial Tribal Baylans, 

         Territorial Tribal Barangay Councils- A & B, Territorial Tribal Barangay Baylans, and Tribal Member – A & B, per municipalities or cities, are necessary to obtain a recommendation letter from the Territorial Tribal Kings before they can take pronouncement and be admitted as official members of the Tribal Kingdom;


(g)  The Tribal Kingdom may cancel the membership of any member who has misrepresented their qualifications or been admitted to membership by mistake; and  


(h)   Tribal member’s category of the Tribal Kingdom is not eligible to be as Datu or Bai. 


Clause 6.    Certificate  – The Tribal Kingdom may issue a certificate of confirmation and declaration to members as by their respective categories. Tribal Members may only obtain a license of tribal membership granted by the Tribal Kingdom.


Clause 7.      Subscription and Fees  – The Royal Council must prescribe the subscription and any other fees to be paid by members. The amount of the subscription and expenses and the date for payment may vary according to criteria set by the Royal Council, including the category of membership. The Royal Family (“hereinafter referred to as Sagrada Familia”) is not required to pay any subscription or other fees in respect of H.M.R.H.K.     


Clause 8.          Rights – The rights of members include:


(a)   Participate and vote at general meetings;  


(b)   Shall have the right to obtain the benefits and privileges set out in the objectives of the Royal Charter; and 


(c)   Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the customary law and the natural law of the land.    


Clause 9.       Obligations – All members must respect, promote and fulfill the rights set out in the Royal Charter and these By-laws. Members must at all times comply with the Royal Charter, these by-laws and the regulations.


Clause 10.      Resignation – Members may resign by writing to the HMQ General Secretary, and whose subscriptions are in arrears may be deemed to have quit by the regulations. If members sign out to be a member, the heir of such member will be the automatic successor of his/her position. H.M.R.H.K has the right to appoint a substitute to the members who resigned with no successor.


Clause 11.      Cessation – Members cease to be members on resignation, expulsion or ceasing to have legal capacity. If a member ceases to be a member, the name and other details of the member must be removed from the register of members.


Clause 12.     Register of Members – The Royal Council must ensure that the Tribal Kingdom maintains a registry of members in which are entered:


(a)    The name of each member;


(b)    The address for notices last given by the member,


(c)    The category of membership; and


(d)   The date on which each entry is made.


(e)   The Tribal Kingdom may reinstate the membership of a member whose name has been removed from the register by mistake.      


Clause 13.    General Assembly Meeting – The annual general assembly meeting of the members of the Tribal Kingdom shall be held on January 15 of each year. Its business is to verify the minutes of the last annual general meeting, to consider the annual report of the Tribal Kingdom presented by the Royal Council, including the annual financial report, the auditor's report, and the question and comments from members on the management of the Tribal Kingdom.  


Clause 14.  Notices – The Secretary must give at least 20 days notice of the annual general assembly meeting to each member and the auditor, including the date, time and place, and the business of the meeting.   


Clause 15.   Quorum – The quorum for the annual general assembly meeting is the presence in person of at least 50 members. If no quorum is constituted, the meeting shall be adjourned until the requisite number of members shall be present.

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