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His Majesty Royal Highness King


Royal Highness King of the Philippine Archipelago  

Supreme Chieftain/National Chieftain/Tribal President of all Tribal Datus and Indigenous Peoples/ICC's of 110 Tribes

Tribal Babaylanon King from Generation to Generations

5 Star General of H-GOI/ Chief of Staff/ H-WORLD UN-PI

Head King of Queens Kingdom

           The child descended from the family of the first generation in ancient times, the Maharlika (Royal Blood), and in the founding of the World was the native of the Maharlika land which is now called the Philippines, but now, it has been returned to being Maharlika Tribal Kingdom. 


            The child draws blood from the Royal Families and named it "Tata". Because when this child was young, it was lost due to the tragedy of the time that was happening then. He is also related to the first indigenous people in the Philippines, namely Apo Lolo Paboloson, Apo Lolo Kalantiao, Jose Francisco Edralin Moncado, Law Law Ogo, Lolo Jose Protacio Rizal, Lolo Mambalansag, Lolo Lapu-Lapu, Lolo Ramon Allego (in Cebu), Grandfather Edralin Moncado Salvo, Constancio Moncado Salvo, Apo Sinukuan, Apo Unting, Apo Elizabeth, Tatay Marcos, and Apo Mampopo. 

            The child is now known as Kuluban, which was originally called Tata because he was a small child, and it was not identified, because he had signs visible on the feet, genitals, chest, head, and right hand, as a sign of Wonder Boy.  


          The boy has reached the mountains of Bukidnon, carrying the ancient objects of antiquity. He was a native who joined the natives because he also had relatives as the Maharlikan Tribe of the Royal Family who stood for the new ones in the Promised Land. Among them are the natives who saw him, namely Datu Aguila (a relative of former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo), Datu Salahag, Datu Romio Inta, Datu Bagang-bangan, Datu Tungdan (from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon), Datu Pig-sukodan, Datu Salahag, Bai Dan and other Bais of the tribe within the Maharlika. It also includes many Datus such as Datu Bagani, Datu Lawin, Datu Malindang, Datu Intampel, Datu Mayda, Datu Mandoblehan, Datu Unahon, Datu Mampalate, Datu Binayaw, and other Datus and Lumads. 


            And now let us unite for all generations for this Kingdom and the commandments of God shall come forth from the west and from the east, and ye shall rejoice because they shall bring the gift of Royal aids and benefits, and the fulfillment of what is written, and now he is the one sought after by all, the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom New Civil Society of the Crown Corporation Sole, who brought the rule of Natural law.

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