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Formerly, the Natural law was came from the Almighty God and it’s based on the split of light and darkness in the earth that adhered by the indigenous peoples around the world. The nature, the lands, the air, including the birds, fish, oceans, and waters are God-given to His Representative in this earth, and all these creatures were bond into one law which was called the Natural law, and such rule was established through the Sovereignty Power and theocratic form of government created by God itself and followed by our forebears since time immemorial, and hitherto. Therefore, we the indigenous people or tribal communities of this era are constantly adhere and obeyed such rule of our forebears which marked by God and written it into the stone, which proves that such Natural law will be implemented and shall be followed by everyone. Such stone is present and holds by the sole heir of the aristocratic family in the Philippines that formerly Maharlika Islands and it is now covered by a Native title which is the ancestral domain of the Tribal Kingdom.


There were another sign and testament that are given to the God’s Representative long time ago, and those are the two white crystal stones that uses as symbols of the perpetual race of Israel that written in the Book of Josue Chapter 4, Verse 7 of the Bible, and such stones are present, and which also serves as the memorabilia of the native tribes.  


The other sign for the God’s Representative is the Clear Quartz with a man face figure inside which signifies the emblem of the Crown that hereinafter referred to as the H.M.R.H.K., and such rock crystal is the covenant on the creations of human, and this will also proof the continuation of the Natural law of the tribes which implies in the land.


Moreover, H.M.R.H.K as the God’s Representative has many more inherited things which He possess that now serves as the historical facts of the Maharlika history in the Philippines like the: Kampilan (the “Sword of Lapu-lapu and Datu Mambalansag”/ “Sword of Righteousness”); Pangapugan or Salapa; Tribal King’s Crown; Tribal King’s Bracelet; White Crystal Nobility Ring; Aqua Aura Quartz Queens Kingdom Ring; Smoky Quartz Book 03 Ring; Book of 03; White Gown Dress of Maria; and other things that currently in possession among of His Royal family.


All of the above basis of the God-given law, the reason and existence of the tribal government of the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom New Civil Society of Crown Corporation Sole with its tribal judicial authority, and the continuation of the customs, usages and traditions of the indigenous peoples within the Philippine Archipelago shall and must be respected. For, the tribal law and the tribes were already existed in the Philippines before it became registered as Republic of the Philippines Company through the 1933’s Securities Act in Washington, DC.


Hence, further the Tribal Kings, Datus, Tribal Majesty Queens, Tribal Queens, Bais, and individual indigenous were united as one for the furtherance and progress of our Tribal Kingdom, towards better future generations of our race.

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