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CHAPTER IX: Definitions

Clause 68.    In this Royal Charter:


(a)    “Maharlika” means the native name of Philippine Island/ Philippine Archipelago.  


(b)  “Tribal Kingdom” means the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom New Civil Society of Crown Corporation Sole and the center of its operations shall mean the premises occupied by the Tribal Kingdom at Royal Palace, Sitio Upper Sabangan, Dalirig, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, or at such other address as may be specified from time to time by the H.M.R.H.K.


(c)   “Native Wisdom” means the spiritual and the physical ability to discern or judge what is real, right or lasting; insight. 

(d)  “Uring Maharlika” means the pre-Colonial Filipino nobility, variously titled the Hari,   Lakan, Raja, and Datu that today is meaning “King.”


(e)    “Coat of Arms” means a shield with symbols and figures that represent the Maharlika Tribal Kingdom.

(f)      “Book of 03” means the book about the world at the age of 03.


(g)     “Pangapugan” means a hard metal that shape in moon style and it uses for the repository of Apog, Buyo, or Bunga.    


(h)      “White Gown Dress of Maria” means an antiqued dress of GreatGreat-Grandmother of H.M.R.H.K.


(i)      “Tribal King’s Crown and Bracelet” means the antiqued crown and bracelet of GreatGreat-Grandfather of H.M.R.H.K.

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